is keeping track of 984371 hotspots across 710180 accounts.

Yesterday, we tracked mining rewards of 53,647.19 HNT with a market value of 74,569.60 USD

The average mining reward per hotspot was 0.05 HNT with a value of 0.08 USD

Pet Wintergreen Millipede from Cary was the number one with 2.86 HNT worth 3.97 USD

Hotspots tracked
0.05 HNT
average per Hotspot (yesterday)

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HeliumTracker Team

15% Discount in December - $MOBILE Genesis Rewards

Track your 5G $Mobile Genesis Rewards with heliumtracker.io
In the past weeks we have successfully integrated $MOBILE Genesis mining rewards into heliumtracker.

$MOBILE is still in genesis, meaning it has no market price yet, but we have already seen a few wallets with multiple million $MOBILE tokens.

If you are running a 5G hotspot and want to track the rewards for your device on heliumtracker you can customize your dashboard and enable the $Mobile graph.

You can enable Realtime Notifications or Push Notifications for $Mobile mining rewards in your account settings.

Unfortunately 5G mining is only available in the US.

We are currently offering a discount of 15% on HNT payments and credit card subscriptions.

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