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HeliumTracker Team

Second Update for our Mobile App TestFlight

Thank you for your great participation in our mobile app test flight. We are very happy about the collected feedback and could already fix the first bugs in the app.

A New Version with the following changes has just been released to our testers:


- Text in Wallet’s Detail View better readable in light mode
- Enhanced Hotspot Detail with City Link and POC Descriptions
- Fixed Commission Values in Monthly Report
- Fixed Commission Detail -> Hotspot’s Name instead of Id
- Fixed Link to Beacon in Activity „Beacons sent“
- Activity Witness Navigation Fix for Beaconer
- Fixed Beacon View - Witness City and Street
- Hotspot Navigation from Beacon View
- Increasing debounce for hotspot search to 1000ms
- Option to display entered password in login screen
- Login with Apple Keystore is possible now
- Fixed Activity Filter for Challenger
- Dashboard now shows current filter in title
- Fixed Pull to Refresh on Dashboard
- Fixed Filter for Neighborhood in Dashboard
- Fixed Number Beacons witnessed in Hotspot Detail
- Fixed Beacon Navigation from Hotspot Activities
- Fixed Dashboard Values
- Fixed Beacon Detail View -> Inactive Witnesses marked with inactive Icon

If you still want to get a seat on our test flight head to #beta-test-mobile - there are still a few seats available!

New Contest:

Sindbad has started a contest again. You can win a few months of delicious premium subscription by helping us further in finding bugs. You can find all infos in #contest