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HeliumTracker Team

Server Monitoring, New Notification Settings & Our Mobile App

This week, in addition to the numerous updates to the mobile app, we mainly took care of our server setup.

Server Monitoring

In order to avoid system failures in the future, we installed a server monitoring system that monitors all servers and critical processes such as the blockchain import.

Wake me up!

As soon as the system detects any abnormalities, we are immediately informed and can thus prevent failures.
In case of a failure, the system switches to alarm mode and sends a push notification to our admin every 30 seconds. The alarm bypasses the do not disturb function of the iPhone and contains a rather exhausting sound - this should get the admin out of his deepest sleep!

New ETL server

After our monitoring system was installed, we were surprised to find that our blockchain server is currently using 97.2% of its 3.7TB disk capacity. In order to avoid any downtime, we installed a new blockchain server with 7.9TB of NVMe storage. This server is now synchronized and will take over the import of the blockchain data starting today.

New notification options

From today you can configure in your account the channels you want to be notified about certain activities. For most options you can choose between Email, Desktop, Mobile App and Telegram.

Mobile App

The testing phase of our mobile app is going very well. Thanks to your feedback and @pannemann's tireless efforts we are getting closer to the release of 1.0. Besides minor bugfixes we are still in the process of integrating in-app-purchase. Most of the other wishes and suggestions for improvement will be saved for the next versions.