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HeliumTracker Team

Custom Dashboards & New Boxes

With today's update you have the possibility to customize your dashboard to your needs.

In addition to the "old boxes", there are now also boxes for the last 24 hours, the current and past month and even one that shows you the rewards since the last payout.

In addition, the new system now also shows the percentage change from the comparison period before.

In some boxes you will also find a prediction function - however, this is still in the testing phase and will be optimized in the next few days.

Do you have an idea for more boxes? Drop it in #suggestions-website

In the background we are still working hard to release our mobile app. It turns out that it's not that easy to publish a crypto-related app in the AppStores. The integration of the in-app-purchase causes us many hurdles and without it we are not allowed to publish the app.

If the process takes longer, we will restart our internal tests for Android users without limitation.